Ensuring Health and Economic Well-being of Women


In 2023, USAID’s FHM Engage partnered with Samhita-CGF to create WOHLA in India. WOHLA is designed to serve as a health marketplace catalyst and to mobilize resources for improved access to women’s healthcare services and products (including family planning), livelihood opportunities, and economic empowerment for young girls and women. Samhita-CGF will leverage its experience in developing alliances – such as REVIVE, the India Protectors Fund, the Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance, and the Corporate WASH platform – and its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to engage foundations, other CSR funders, and implementation partners to support market development approaches that address the ‘will-skill gap’ among family planning value chain stakeholders.

Our Five Core Thematic Areas
At its core, WOHLA aims to revolutionize women’s health and livelihood for 1 million women by strategically applying interventions within the following key channels: