Ensuring Health and Economic Well-being of Women


In 2023, USAID’s FHM Engage partnered with Samhita-CGF to create WOHLA in India. WOHLA is designed to serve as a health marketplace catalyst and to mobilize resources for improved access to women’s healthcare services and products (including family planning), livelihood opportunities, and economic empowerment for young girls and women. Samhita-CGF will leverage its experience in developing alliances – such as REVIVE, the India Protectors Fund, the Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance, and the Corporate WASH platform – and its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to engage foundations, other CSR funders, and implementation partners to support market development approaches that address the ‘will-skill gap’ among family planning value chain stakeholders.

Our Five Core Thematic Areas
At its core, WOHLA aims to revolutionize women’s health and livelihood for 1 million women by strategically applying interventions within the following key channels:
Intervention Strategies
WOHLA will target its core thematic areas and unite efforts around three pivotal intervention strategies.
Bridging Healthcare and Economic Gaps for Women in India
WOHLA will equip women with the necessary knowledge and tools for informed financial decision-making, thereby promoting savings and access to formal credit. This initiative is aimed at empowering women to prioritize their health and plan effectively for their well-being.
Improve Access to Social Protection through Govternment Schemes
WOHLA will facilitate access to government welfare schemes and social protection measures, ensuring that women can obtain the medical care they need, even in financially constrained circumstances. This initiative will include partnerships, such as with the Common Service Centers (CSC), to educate and guide women on how to avail themselves of these schemes.
Offer Access to Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare
Through a network of partners, WOHLA will provide comprehensive access to information, products, and services related to sexual and reproductive health, starting with the identification and training of women’s health champions to lead and support community engagement efforts.
Ecosystem of Support
We are creating an ecosystem of support for women workers and entrepreneurs. We are in discussions with multiple private, public, and philanthropic entities to create a holistic ecosystem of support for women.
Alliance Partners
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